South Lakes Counselling


I believe Counselling can help anyone who is open to it.  If you feel you have somehow lost your way, you are anxious, depressed, or lacking in confidence, Counselling can support you in finding a way forward.   If you feel lonely and alone, that you don’t fit in, that nobody cares, Counselling can offer you the empathy and respect that will enable you to reach a deeper, clearer and more accepting understanding of yourself.


Who can counselling help?

What is counselling?

Counselling is a way of reaching a clearer awareness of who you are by exploring how you feel and how you react.  Honest self examination can be a difficult and painful process but it can also bring relief and calm as insights occur and shifts take place.  Invisible inner hurt can begin to be healed through the Counselling process.

Person Centred Counselling has developed from Carl Rogers’ theory that we each hold within ourselves an inherent tendency towards achievement, growth, moving forward, and living a fulfilled and contented life.   Rogers called this our self actualising tendency.  He believed that we are each an ‘expert’ in ourselves, and that the role of the Counsellor is in supporting the client to find his or her own answers, and not in trying to be the ‘expert’, or diagnosing, analysing or advising.   

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